flemish rabbit bigger than dog

Flemish Gigantic Rabbit, the rabbit king, is bigger than a dog.


Flemish rabbit is regarded as the largest breed of domestic rabbit. The breed is also the one of great pet even though its size is very big.

The big rabbit-Flemish rabbit story

Originally developed in the Belgian province of Flanders, the Flemish Giant Rabbit is now widely distributed across Europe. Belgium To harvest the fur and flesh, then to breed for companionship and entertainment.

The Flemish giant rabbit has evolved into one of the most tame and robust breeds available today. When properly nurtured, they also make wonderful pets.

According to established breed norms The Flemish Giant Rabbit is notable for its massive brain. The ears are prominent and lengthy. The torso is long and powerful. The biggest rabbit ever documented was this huge bunny. Approximately the same size as a big dog, it may weigh up to 22 kilos and grow to a length of 1.3 meters.

Size-wise, it’s a whopper. This is how the Flemish huge rabbit got the appellation “The Giant Rabbit.” “King of Rabbits” — Raising these animals needs a huge area. Unlike other rabbit breeds, ours eats a lot of food.

Giant rabbit from Flanders, Although this rabbit variety has been around since the 16th century, it wasn’t until the 1910s that it began to receive widespread recognition outside its native Australia.

Flemish rabbit compared to a boy

Flemish giant rabbits are being raised commercially today for their fur and meat. However, many are kept as adorable pets. He’s a big gentle giant, even for very young kids.

image source : wikipedia

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