1000 cats in china were rescued

Polices in China rescued 1,000+ cats from being killed as pork for eating


According to local media, China polices saved over a thousand cats who were being transported to a slaughterhouse to be killed and illegally sold as “pork,” “lamb skewers,” or “sausages.”

Rescued street cats

Over one thousand cats have been rescued by the Chinese Police from being slaughtered and sold on the market as mutton or pork.

Zhangjiagang police in the eastern city of Zhangjiagang stopped a truck that was transporting a clowder of cats after receiving a tip from animal rights activists.

Reportedly, the cats were surrendered to a shelter when the rescue organization uncovered an unlawful trade in cat meat, which resulted in additional worries regarding the safety of food.

It is not known whether the cats that were rescued belonged to people or whether they were strays.

According to the reports, animal rights activists in Zhangjiagang spent six days observing a cemetery where a large number of cats were kept in wooden boxes that had been sealed shut.

The occurrence that caused people to react online, with many users denouncing the conduct as being cruel and revolting. A number of users have also advocated for increased oversight of the food industry.

An incident that occurred in June at a college in the province of Jiangsu caused a controversy when a student discovered the head of a rodent in his food. At first, the administration at the school insisted that the meat was duck, but they eventually conceded that the youngster was correct.

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